Our Network

We have developed deep and long-lasting relationships with researchers, academics, government agencies, industry and investors in the biotech and life sciences sectors. These relationships – including our strategic partnership with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research – help us drive value and guide the evolution of our investments.

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

OICR is a collaborative not-for-profit research institute focused on mobilizing and reinforcing Ontario research excellence in the fight against cancer to benefit patients and realize economic value from cancer discoveries, making Ontario a leader in cancer research and innovation. OICR conducts world-class cancer research that has led to groundbreaking discoveries and the advancement of innovations for cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment. They enable translational research in Ontario and around the world by building collaborative networks and secure data sharing systems, and making tools and resources available in the research community.

OICR + FACIT = Receptor-ready oncology innovations

OICR focuses on promising, high-quality oncology innovations, drawing on its access to hospitals, patients and networks of experts. FACIT brings understanding of the market, professional management, investor connections and experience in driving breakthrough technologies forward. Together, FACIT and OICR accelerate the development of de-risked, receptor-ready clinical assets that have the greatest potential for creating patient impact.

For more information on OICR, visit www.oicr.on.ca

Why partner with FACIT?

FACIT cultivates an industry-academic network for emerging commercial oncology assets in Ontario. We work closely with venture investors, pharmaceutical and technology companies and academic collaborators to identify collaboration, licensing and new commercial venture opportunities. 

Our partners gain access to outstanding science and the most promising early stage development opportunities in a variety of areas such as new technology, therapeutics, imaging and diagnostics. With strong expertise in commercializing cancer research, we identify discoveries that have the greatest potential for reaching patients. Our differentiated early stage business models enable strategic partners to reduce risk while sharing in successes.

Past and Recent Partners

We have helped secure partnerships and financings for Ontario entrepreneurs and scientists with top-tier investors and industry partners.

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