Fluorinov Pharma and FACIT Announce Investment in Breakthrough Bromodomain Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancers

FACIT invests in Fluorinov Pharma's novel anti-cancer bromodomain inhibitors and disruptive potential of its technology platform.

TORONTO, ON (January 07, 2015) – FACIT and Fluorinov Pharma announced today an investment in the development of highly potent inhibitors of key bromodomain targets. Targeting drugs to epigenetic modifications to DNA is an exciting new strategy in the fight against cancer. Bromodomain inhibitors have shown profound preclinical efficacy in models of leukemia, multiple myeloma, solid tumours and other non-oncology indications. However, first-generation inhibitors such as JQ-1 have poor drug-like properties that may limit their utility in patients.

Jeff Courtney, FACIT’s Chief Commercial Officer noted “Fluorinov’s one-of-a-kind technology platform is expanding the boundaries of medicinal chemistry, and FACIT is pleased to advance these important therapeutics towards clinical development. We believe this investment is key to unlocking the value of Fluorinov’s technologies for industry and patients alike, and is another example of FACIT’s work to strengthen innovative networks for world-class cancer drug development in Ontario and Canada.”

Fluorinov’s oncology drugs have been developed through a broad collaborative network including the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), U.S. National Cancer Institute, and the laboratories of Drs. Sam Weiss and Artee Luchman at the University of Calgary. FACIT, together with Fluorinov, is exploring partnerships with investors and pharmaceutical companies and also pathways for clinical development for these and other innovative Ontario-based cancer therapies.

“Fluorinov is very pleased to have FACIT’s support in further developing this important program. While we anticipated our proprietary technology would give rise to exceptional bioavailability, we were delighted to identify preclinical candidates with potencies and activity superior to competitor drugs” remarked Malik Slassi, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Fluorinov. “Clinical candidates from this class have a promising future with our hematology-oncology development partners at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.”

FACIT is an independent business trust established by OICR to undertake development and commercialization activities related to cancer research, products and drug discovery. For more information, please visit the website at facit.ca or email info@facit.ca.

About Fluorinov Pharma
The incorporation of fluorine into drug structures can improve potency, stability and safety, and other critical drug attributes. Innovative breakthroughs by Fluorinov Pharma enable fluorine chemical synthesis never before possible and have the potential to transform promising compounds into superior clinical new chemical entities. Fluorinov has a deep portfolio of potential best-in-class drug candidates with attractive therapeutic profiles in oncology and central nervous system disorders, including oral therapies targeting the proteosome, bromodomains and the blood-brain barrier. Visit www.fluorinovpharma.com for more information.


Fluorinov Pharma
Malik Slassi, President & Chief Scientific Officer
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