FACIT Features: OICR Launches CTIP Initiative

FACIT congratulates OICR on launching CTIP to drive Ontario's most promising cancer drugs towards the clinic.

December 6, 2017 – We are pleased to congratulate our strategic partner, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), on the launch of its Cancer Therapeutics Innovation Pipeline (CTIP) initiative. CTIP will support the local translation of Ontario discoveries into therapies with the potential for improving the lives of patients with cancer. Ten projects were selected in this highly competitive funding round, and reflect the strength of the province’s collaborative network and drug discoveries.

Through this initiative, FACIT will be at the forefront of the creation of a local pipeline of de-risked and promising new drugs. As the novel therapies progress, we will leverage our broad network of partners and investors to further accelerate their clinical development, with the ultimate goal of realizing significant impact to both patients with cancer and Ontario’s economy.

FACIT’s Acting President, Dr. David O’Neill, is a member of CTIP’s Therapeutics Pipeline Advisory Committee (TPAC), the international panel of drug discovery and development experts who evaluated and ultimately selected which projects to fund. This committee will also provide ongoing support and guidance to the awardees on the strategic direction of their projects and assess the readiness of the therapeutic candidates for further advancement along the commercialization path.

“The CTIP initiative is groundbreaking in the translational resources it provides to Ontario’s outstanding scientific community, and fuels FACIT’s activities in bridging industry-access and funding gaps faced by early stage innovations,” says Dr. O’Neill. “OICR and FACIT’s successful model of combining research translation and commercial expertise makes Ontario an ideal location for collaboration and seed-stage investment.”

Connie Chen, PhD
Director of Business Intelligence and Strategy, FACIT


FACIT actively manages our diverse portfolio of Ontario oncology assets (including therapeutics, imaging, diagnostics, and technology platforms) that span all stages of commercialization, from proof-of-concept to clinical development.



With critical seed funding, FACIT makes it possible for Ontario’s best cancer research discoveries to compete globally and reach patients.